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The members of CCRIT have been involved in numerous research activities and civic actions on topics related to ethnic and national (cultural) identity, auto- and hetero- perception and behaviour of the major ethnic groups in Romania (Romanians, Hungarians, Roma people), interethnic relations, relations with the political sphere, electoral behaviour, cohabitation, the evolution of ethnically-mixed marriages, decision-taking process in ethnically-mixed localities, conflict management in villages populated by Roma people, the use of minority languages in local administration, etc. CCRIT has conducted research and implemented programs in other domains as well, such as cultural heritage, living conditions, local elections analysis, etc.

Among the organizations supporting CCRIT there are: the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Council of Europe, Roi Baudoin Foundation (Belgium), the Flemish Community in Belgium, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic, the Democrat Union of the Hungarians in Romania (DUHR), the Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center (EDRC), Open Society Foundation (OSF), the Project on Ethnic Relations (PER), ELTE-UNESCO - Ethnic and Minority Studies, OSCE - the High Commissioner for National Minorities, CIVITAS Foundation, the Open Society Institute Budapest (OSI), the World Bank CERGE-EI, etc.

CCRIT has developed a publishing program in order to present the results of the research work under the form of data collections and selections of studies. CCRIT has often organized and supervised the sociology undergraduate students' fieldwork and coordinated the editing and publishing of Web, the journal of the "Max Weber" Sociological College.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work of the "Babes-Bolyai" University, CCRIT organizes the three-year international program ReSET Teaching Anthropology: Means and Meanings (2003-2006), financed by the Open Society Institute Budapest. The program aims at facilitating the development of social and cultural anthropology as academic disciplines in Eastern Europe and in is carried out within the framework of the Regional Seminars for Excellence in Teaching (ReSET).

CCRIT maintains the "Ion Aluas" Resource Centre for Multiculturalism which offers a great variety of reference books as well as bibliographical resources in sociology, political science, methods of social research, etc. The books and periodicals were acquired by means of various grants for institutional development and donations.